Spaceship and Garage Rick and Morty, 2 figs, McFarlane

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Pieced together with garbage and capable of interstellar travel, the spaceship is one of Ricks most useful inventions. The ship is stored in the Smith family garage where Rick also keeps his laboratory. It is here that Rick conducts his experiments, both benign and horrific.
Buildable "Spaceship and Garage" large set inspired by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty television series
Construction set features buildable Rick and Morty figures and comes with garage setting and buildable Spaceship with functioning doors and hood based off iconic scenery from a"Rick and Morty"
Contains approx. 294 pieces
Figures feature articulation in the main joints and have swappable heads/limbs
Bricks and figures are compatible with other construction brands.