Space 1999 Wax Pack (1976 Donruss)

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Space: 1999 Wax Box (1976 Donruss)

 Includes 5 Cards Per Sealed Pack

Space: 1999 is a British-Italian science-fiction television programme that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977. In the opening episode, set in the year 1999, nuclear waste stored on the Moon's far side explodes, knocking the Moon out of orbit and sending it, as well as the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space.

1 Dr. Russell and Paul Morrow are frightened
2 Comdr. Koenig and his landing party are trapped on a frozen alien planet.
3 Comdr. Koenig and Dr. Russell investigate a new planet.
4 Aerial view of Moon Base Alpha.
5 Moon Base Alpha's communication devices.
6 Comdr. Koenig is kidnapped by an alien race.
7 Dr. Helena Russell aids the wounded Prof. Bergman.
8 Sandra is hurt as her Eagle crash-lands on the moon.
9 Alpha astronaut comes to the aid of a crashed Eagle.
10 A gruesome alien creature attacks Eagle I.
11 Alpha astronauts find a mysterious container.
12 Alpha astronauts check for radiation leaks.
13 Comdr. Koenig and Dr. russell come face to face with terror.
14 Alpha astronaut checking security systems.
15 Eagle's eye view of Moon Base Alpha.
16 Alpha astronauts search for their lost comrades.
17 Dr. Russell discovers human skeleton on an alien planet.
18 Comdr. Koenig and Dr. Russell plead for safety of Moon Base Alpha with an alien.
19 Comdr. Koenig aims his laser rifle against an enemy alien.
20 Lt. Carter holds a robot ruler hostage on an alien planet.
21 Comdr. Koenig saves Dr. Russell from hostile enemies.
22 A fleet of Hawks.
23 Main Mission Control is attacked by deadly alien foam.
24 Eagle I preparing to land.
25 The beautiful but deadly planet Zenno.
26 Comdr. Koenig prepares Eagle 1 for lift off.
27 Alpha security men capture alien.
28 Prof. Bergman invents an anti-gravitational device.
29 A laser equipped Eagle attacks an alien vessel.
30 Comdr. Koenig's brain is probed as his companions look on helplessly.
31 Lt. Carter relays a message to Eagle I.
32 Main Mission personnel combating a deadly alien foam.
33 An energy consuming monster threatens Moon Base Alpha.
34 Lt. Carter and landing party are attacked by a giant robot.
35 Alien space ship is captured.
36 An Eagle crash lands on the moon's surface.
37 Alpha astronauts investigate nuclear waste deposit area.
38 Dr. Russell and Prof. Bergman discover a new form of life in outer space.
39 Comdr. Koenig searches the planet Peri.
40 Alpha astronauts face danger as they are exposed to radiation.
41 Alpha crew lost on the planet Ultima Thule.
42 Main Mission crew fights deadly alien foam.
43 Prof. Bergman analyzing x-rays.
44 Prof. Bergman and Comdr. Koenig discover a malfunction in the life support system.
45 An alien killer escapes from security guards.
46 Alpha astronauts signaling danger.
47 Alpha members trying to communicate with a celestial being.
48 Alpha crew members bringing supplies to a wounded alien.
49 Main Mission Command gazes upon a possible new home.
50 Prof. Bergman welcomes Comdr. Koenig to Moon Base Alpha.
51 Two Alpha astronauts discover magnetic radiation.
52 Alpha astronaut trying to remove deadly cannister of nuclear waste.
53 Dr. Russell and Comdr. Koenig aid Paul Morrow.
54 Dr. Russell is captured by a race of cannibals.
55 Alpha astronauts calculate speed of runaway Moon.
56 Comdr. Koenig discusses their chance for survival.
57 Dr. Russell and Comdr. Koenig checking for water contamination.
58 Dr. Russell and Comdr. Koenig face a new danger.
59 Eagle lifts off launch pad.
60 Comdr. Koenig receives a distress call from Lt. Carter.
61 Alpha astronauts search for mineral deposits.
62 Comdr. Koenig and Dr. Russell; leaders of the Moon Base Alpha colony.
63 Nuclear waste disposal area #2.
64 Alien invaders scheme to take over Moon Base Alpha.
65 Dr. Russell analyzes a medical computer readout.
66 On an alien planet, Arkadia, Comdr. Koenig discovers the origins of the planet Earth.