Leo and Donnie's Patrol Buggies, TMNT, Playmates

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As seen in the hit TV show, the Patrol Buggies are individually customized and ready for action! Each sku includes two vehicles; Leo's and Donnie's Patrol Buggy and Mikey's and Raph's Patrol Buggy.
Run the Foot off the road with Leo's rocket "grenade' or scare them to the sidewalk with Donnie's Kraang-crushing big wheels. Connect the vehicles to form one Mega Ninja Buggy, then launch Leo forward for a Ninja Battle Boost.
Blast the Foot Clan from the fast lane with Raph's and Mikey's Patrol Buggies! Run Dogpound out of town with Raph's reloadable road rash missile. Crush Fishface's robo-feet with Mikey's mighty monster wheels. Connect the two vehicles to form one Mega Ninja Buggy, then rocket Raph forward for an explosive Ninja Battle Boost!
All four vehicles can also snap together to become the ULTIMATE MEGA PATROL BUGGY! The Patrol Buggies are compatible with most of the Turtles basic action figures.(Figures Sold Separately)