Harley Quinn # 38 Angry Bird new NM

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 new unread back issue 2018. Comes with board and Bag.

Grade NM

ANGRY BIRD' part two! Written by Frank Tieri. Art by Mirka Andolfo and Eleonora Carlini. Cover by Amanda Conner and Darwyn Cooke. The Penguin didn't come to Brooklyn alone this time...he's put out an open invitation for some of Gotham City's worst to join him in his new criminal empire, as long as they're willing to hold off Harley Quinn! And when we say 'worst,' we mean worst! Film Freak? Egghead? Condiment King?! Nateman's Hot Dogs is gonna have a lot to say about that... 32 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $2.99.